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The Professional Style File: Women & Bags

By GayGirlsGuide · April 22, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

FINALLY...I've found another place to call home. The Professional Style File is a new fashion blog that pairs high-powered women and celebrities with professional bags to match their personalities and careers. The blog so far has highlighted the likes Kate Hudson, Suze Orman, Ellen Denegeres, and Tina Fey to stylish looks from careerbags.com. As I said in my Spring Fashion piece, every woman should carry a bag and since Im not a fan of a purse, my "man bags" have been a constant companion since my high school days. CareerBags.com allows you to shop by product, size, price, even personal style and career type. So even if you're a student on a budget, artist on the go, or CEO on the rise - you have NO excuse to walk around without a fly "man bag" in your possession.
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Tonight - Meet the Filmmakers: Spike Lee

By GayGirlsGuide · April 22, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Date: Wednesday, April 22nd
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Apple Store, SoHo (103 Prince Street)
Cost: Free

The 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, Apple and indieWIRE invite you to a series of talks and workshops in honor of this year's festival. To celebrate the spirit of independent film, the Apple store in SoHo is hosting dozens of free filmmaking events from April 22nd to May 3rd and everyone’s invited to attend. Grab a seat in their theater for our Meet the Filmmakers series, presented by Apple and indieWIRE*. You can also attend a What’s New in Filmmaking event. Or take one of the other great workshops offered during the festival. Today's Meet the Filmmakers is the Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated actor, writer, director, and producer Spike Lee. More info here. Early arrival strongly recommended.

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Kanye West & the $1000 Sneaker/GGGs Alternative

By GayGirlsGuide · April 20, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Kanye West has always been a man of high fashion so it's no surprise that price tag on his line of sneakers for Louis Vuitton range from the $800 to thousand dollar mark. The pricing for his mens and womens shoes was recently revealed and the line is expected to come out in June 2009, in time for the summer fly season. Although Im not of a fan of luxury sneakers, I dont think the line is that bad and will definitely sell simply because a) of Kanye West and b) they're Louis Vuittons.

If the LV sneakers are not fitting into your budget - here are GGGs alternatives to fresh summer kicks:

Creative Recreation Dechico Sneaker ($95)

Lacoste Convect Mid MR ($110)

Aldo Accrington ($100)

Adidas Attitude High Top Sneaker ($75)

Nike Air Scandal Mid Sneaker ($90)

Puma The Key Sneaker Womens ($85)

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BAM Cafe LIVE with Shelley Nicole's Blackbushe

By GayGirlsGuide · April 20, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

What a great night of music! Shelley Nicole in the little shiny, gold black dress, channeling her inner Tina and the talented band giving the people of Brooklyn the true definition of black (and Japanese) Soul, Rock N Funk! I'm now motivated to take my guitar out of its bag and practice. Pics below are courtesy of drummer, Hiroyuki Matsuura. Gotta give the drummer some.

Tonight! NYers, come and check out playwright, Franco at Prime (511 W 28th) at 7pm for some after-work fun, music, cocktails and a staged reading of his play, Creative Stages.

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What Is It.....A Gay Movie?

By GayGirlsGuide · April 17, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
3 in the morning phone calls.

You would think they are reserved for your late night lover telling you to buzz them upstairs, drunk confessions from secret crushes or your long-distance lover missing you and not being able to sleep. 3 am phone calls should revolve around getting sex or having sex but not mine. My 3am calls go as follows:

"KrisH - where the party at? I'm trying to find an after-hours spot - what's poppin', Krish??!!"

The warmth and comfort of my body wrapped around my girlfriends was popping. The REM sleep I fell into and the little speckle of drool my pillow was deliciously devouring before you woke me up, was popping as well.

Now I realize and have accepted the fact that I do tend to stay up-to-date on what's going on in the streets and that may give people the notion to think it's perfectly okay to use me as a resource to continue your entertainment into the middle of the night. What I've also noticed is that when I do give people a suggestion of an event to attend, the first response is usually..."what type of event is this?"

"Is it a gay party?"

"Is it a show about gay people?"

"Is the music gay?"

"Oh hell no, ain't no gay people in there for me"

I tend to laugh at the annoyance or the thought that we cannot simply go anywhere or do anything unless it has a rainbow flag flying over head or men in thong panties dancing around on a platform in knee-high fur boots(yes, knee-high fur boots. I saw it in Vegas) and although I do attend GLBT events and venues, I don't like being around gay folks all the time. It's the same with flipping the script on race. I don't want to be around black folks all the time either. I think my appreciation for diversity can be attributed to being raised in a community that was blessed with such a rich blend of people from various countries, ethnic groups and cultures. As I grew up and started traveling outside of my world, I sought to create that experience in my own life.

I'm not much of an activist so I sit on the outside looking in at the gay rights movement. I'm all about equal rights but it also makes me wonder how we adversely treat out straight counterparts - do we prejudge places that we have never experienced because it's not labeled "queer" or "gay". Of course, we still struggle with homophobia, prejudice and violence, but there are more accepting and open heterosexuals that I've encountered than homophobic ones and sometimes I forget about the plenty who love and embrace me when that one idiot has to come out of his mouth wrong.

A close friend of mine, a straight woman, went into a gay bar in D.C. with a couple of girlfriends to have drinks and hang out. I told her about the place having nice, strong drinks for cheap and good music and she was all for it. She tells the next day that the minute they walked in the door, the security guard gave them slack and told them there were plenty of "other" places they could go. We all know what would have gone down if the situation were reversed.

Discovering the gay scene at a relatively young age when I was first trying to figure out what the hell was going on and who I was, it was a nice feeling to be in an environment where I could explore my feelings for other females without feeling fearful. Yet as I grew into being comfortable in my own skin and sexuality, I found that like being African-American, we are not all the same. We all don't like doing the same shit or going to the same places and some of us, gasp, don't like gay bars. We all aren't activists and aren't going to pick up protest signs and start marching either. We, GLBT-identified folks, are as diverse as the ethnic groups, religions, and backgrounds we represent.

The reason Gay Girls Guide exists is to introduce "gay girls and those who loves us" with more diverse options and experiences into the world of entertainment. When I do present an event or a party, please don't ask me if its a gay party or gay show...its a good show. And definitely do not call me at 3 in the morning.

Live and let live...equal rights for all and hang with the hetero's once in a while. They aren't all that bad once you get to know 'em.

~Ciao. KrisH

NYC for Free: 2 Dates 2 Acts You Need to See

By GayGirlsGuide · April 16, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
KrisH has a confession to make. She has a man crush! I thought Tyson Beckford was it for me but low and behold this man's picture comes across my desk and immediately places him on the top of my sperm-donor prospect list. (sighs)

Allow me to introduce you to Franco.
A talented and deviously handsome playwright whose work has been presented throughout New York City in various off-Broadway theater houses and cabaret's and also as a feature production for the City Parks Foundation's annual Summer Theater series. On Monday, 4/20 NYC Hotspot PRIME will host an after work staged reading on one of Franco's most celebrated works, CREATIVE STAGES. The event will be launching a series of afterwork readings with cocktails, good music and great vibes all for FREE.

This Saturday, 4/18 -
Shelley Nicole and her band, Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe is bringing hypnotic blend of soul, funk, and rock N roll to the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
"So many artists today claim to be progressive, but Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe are the living, breathing embodiment. Shelley Nicole is equal parts vocalist, songwriter and bassist making blaKbüshe it’s own mash-up. Imagine Nona Hendryx meets Black Sabbath or Janis Joplin meets Grace Jones and there you will find the blaKbüshe experience. It is a blend best described by Shelley Nicole as SolaRoc; combining elements of rock, funk, soul and beyond..."
-bio from payplay.fm

Bar opens at 8pm/show starts at 9. See you there. KrisH
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Event Recap: The Other Side of Paradise Release & Roots at Highline

By GayGirlsGuide · April 15, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

You Got Me (ft. Erykah Badu) - The Roots

In the midst of an eventful night shuffling between Manhattan and Brooklyn and getting kicked out of a damn cab (on the highway) in the middle of a rainstorm - flicks were the last thing on my mind when I finally made it back to my apartment.

For those who didn't have the pleasure, last night hosted two exciting events for GGG; first featuring the much-anticipated release of Staceyann Chin's, "The Other Side of Paradise - A Memoir". The people definitely came out to support and party with the poet/activist as her book finally went on sale to the public. It's always a good look to see women of color getting their voices and stories told and heard so it was my pleasure to be in attendance. Look forward to pics of the event and interview with the lady herself soon!

After checking out Staceyann and Bar 13, with DJs Storm and Reborn on the decks, it was over to the West Village to check out "The 10 Dollar Show". The legendary, Roots Crew gave the crowd a two hour set to remember at Highline Ballroom after coming off their nightly gig with the Jimmy Fallon show and opening for the Dave Matthews Band at Madison Sqaure Garden. For only $10 DOLLA'S. That's the reason why the Roots are still around and will be around until the day they decide to no longer make music. In spite of all the fame and success, they dont forget the "underground" is who they are...the place that raised them and the people that heard their music before Jimmy Fallon and bright lights on Broadway even came knocking. Im so happy for their current success and even more proud to see them giving back what the fans have given to them for so long...always coming full circle back to their roots. So many talented artists and individuals now tasting even a bit of success could use a little 101 from these brothers.

Enough preaching and back to the basics. The night included an incredible lineup of guest performers from Tanya Morgan, Joe Budden, violinist Mazz Swift(who is beyond words brilliant and definitely a must-see performer) and many others and also included a 5 piece wind ensemble featuring their newest member, a man Black Thought likes to call, "Tuba Gooding Jr", along with a Wall-Street look-a-like on Sax, Teena Marie's love-child on Baritone, and two Latin-flavored trombone and trumpet players, who absolutely killed their on-stage solo's. At one point, there were so many musicians up there that I was tempted to jump on-stage with an empty Corona bottle and a butter knife and get to beat-making myself. It was incredible, I can only suggest that you see it live for yourself. For show dates, check the Highline Ballroom website. Although most all online tickets are sold-out, you can still grab some at the door if you aren't too proud to stand in a line.

These are a couple pics from Highline off Brooklyn Vegan, a music blog featuring some hot live shows in an around NYC. Since my digital wanted to "exhaust batteries" as the lights dimmed, I didnt get a chance to capture the night. These shots are dope, check photog Jacob Blickinstaff and Brooklyn Vegan for more photos from the show.

Speaking of shows, Gay Girls Guide is giving away FREE TIX to see Meshell Ndegeocello and Toshi Reagon 5.7.09 to two lucky subscribers. Enter your email address to win & stay up-to-date on everything going happening on this side.

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WIN FREE Tix to see Meshell N'degeocello & Toshi Reagon LIVE

By GayGirlsGuide · April 13, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Is Love The Reason - Toshi Reagon

Gay Girls Guide is giving away 2 FREE tickets to see Meshell Ndegeocello & Toshi Resgon perform LIVE Thursday, May 7th at Santos Party House in NYC! This is a great show benefiting GLBTQ Youth and Fierce NYC.

1: Subscribe to Gay Girls Guide via email
2: Confirm your email subscription
3: Wait for the "You've Won" Email from Gay Girls Guide!

It's that simple!

Names will be randomly selected and emailed on May 2nd. Even if you aren't able to make the NYC show, Im sure a friend will be happy to attend in your honor. Dont be left out, subscribe to keep up-to-date on everything GGG and more "Free Swag" Giveaways. For more information on ticket purchases, donating a ticket to an NYC Youth, and more information on FIERCE, go to www.fiercenyc.org

NYC BOOK RELEASE for The Other Side of Paradise & AfterParty

Tomorrow, Tuesday 4/14 - if you don't know, now you know. Acclaimed Poet and Activist, Staceyann Chin, will be at Barnes&Nobles, Union Square for the official NYC release of her book, The Other Side of Paradise - A Memoir. Afterparty at Bar 13 - 35 E 13th St!

Beautiful Women: Jasika Nicole

By GayGirlsGuide · April 11, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
This is Jasika Nicole, an artist and actress on the Fox television series, Fringe. I first saw her at the GLAAD Media Awards and simply thought to myself how beautiful she was in her dress. It didn't occur to me, even as she presented an award with J.Manuel, that I may want to take a second to look her up. I can only blame that on the copious amounts of wine and champagne I had consumed at my table.

It wasn't until a few days later when I did a browse through the media coverage of the Awards show and the interview she did with AfterEllen , do I find she is an openly gay actress on a major network show! I sure did drop the ball on that one but definitely make sure you check this young talent out.

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Food For Thought: Journey Into The Unknown

By GayGirlsGuide · April 9, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

"I Knew Nothing About the World I was Journeying To. Not knowing made me afraid but my fear of staying in place was greater." -Bell Hooks

One question that Ive found myself constantly asking people I interview is to name the one quote they live(or die) by. This Bell Hooks quote is mine. It's self-explanatory yet powerful phrase of words that channels back to the themes of pushing past fear, finding your passion, and discovering your purpose in life. One of my old college roomates, jokingly apologized for stealing the quote off my face book page, as she was looking for the words to describe the scary yet exciting emotions of her next steps in this life's journey. I told her not to apologize; I stole them from Bell Hooks. But what I realize about the beauty of words is that they evoke all types of emotion, express any feeling that we have in our hearts, and can inspire us to journey into a world of unknowns.

I was reading OutMagazine.com's 50 Most Powerful Gays and Lesbians last night and Wanda Sykes, recently out comedian and actress was the lone representative for the women of color and ranked at #35. As you may or may not know, Wanda came out publicly about her sexuality and marriage at a GLBT rally last November. I remember 12 years ago when Ellen Degeneres made headlines, TIME Magazine's cover in fact, when she came out as gay on Oprah and later on her television show - which after failed ratings, was canceled. I remember the criticism she encountered and bets that she had officially ruined her career. She is now #2 on the Out's 50 Most Powerful list and we only need turn the channel to NBC or open a magazine to a Covergirl or American Express ad to see how well she is doing. Wanda Sykes, after her appearance, is now host of her own nightly talk show on FOX. I'm not an advocate of telling people when or if they should "come out" because that's a personal decision. What I'm getting at is the fact that these women, despite fear and comfort in the level of success they had achieved in their lives, refused to let that hold them from achieving something far greater. If Ellen had not done what she did, her first show probably would not have been canceled so abruptly but would she be an 11 time Emmy Award winner of a day-time talk show with a core audience being middle-aged, Midwestern housewives? Would she be the face of Covergirl and have an empire worth $65million? Who knows. But the fact remains that she took a personal risk in her career and private life to journey into territory that was unknown and because she refused to stay in place, she has accomplished things only dreams could be made for.

The song featured is by a talented soul-singer based in Seattle by the name of Choklate. I've featured her before on the blog before, she's got such a voice and inspiring lyrics. Incredible is a track I'm sure you will be feeling.

Ciao. KrisH

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